Schnecke is an interdisciplinary, interactive, queer, biomimetic performance created by the arts
collective T3.

Schnecke wants to rethink cultural binarism, categorizations and biological identities.

 Schnecke visualizes how bodies are handled, shaped, educated and
modifcated in order to be controlled, to be profcient. How the body is forced to perform
ceremonies and emit signs.

Schnecke invites the audience to decrypt perception, to keep in mind that differences contribute
to the construction of a more egalitarian and richer society. Generating an inner discussion, we
provide the audience with basic tools to consider who we are and how much does it mean to be
culturally unrecognizable.

Our aim is to explore through the performative practice strategies and mechanisms of
understanding gender, identity, performance experience, space, light, technology, new body
representations, politics and collectivism.


Artistic Direction / Rosabel Huguet
Co-creation / Eva G. Alonso / Roger Rossell / Rosabel Huguet
Performance / Rosabel Huguet
Light Design, Video and Photography / Roger Rossell
Stage, Sound and Costume Design / Eva G. Alonso
Production offce / Tangram Projects
Premiere and performances / 2nd and 3rd May 2105
Venue / Premiere in Dock 11, Pankow
Funded by the district office Pankow Berlin – Department of Arts and Culture
Supported by Dock11 Berlin ,  Hoftheater Kreuzberg & Flocks&Shoals Collective